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A Note from Principal Williams

As the 2016-17 school year comes to a close this week, we at Davis Drive Middle School want to say thank you!  Your undying support, presence in the building, and your willingness to serve our students and teachers have been wonderful this year.  We are so grateful that you, as families in the Davis Drive community, choose to partner with us.  While there are many schools in WCPSS you could attend, we are so lucky you have chosen DDMS and have committed to serving our teachers and students each day.  We are looking forward to many more years of academic success, social/emotional growth, and community dedication together for Davis Drive Middle School.  Thanks for a great year!



Thank you SO much to the parent volunteers for your willingness to help with proctoring our end of year tests.  We wouldn't have been able to run such a smooth schedule without your help.  We have one day of makeups on Monday, June 5th and are in need of some proctors.  Two time frames are needed: 8:00am-12:00pm and 12:00pm-3:00pm.  If you are available to help, please communicate with Terri Dingess (tdingess@wcpss.net) or Julie Resua (jresua@wcpss.net).  Thank you again!! 

8th Grade Parents

There are many exciting activities planned for the end of the year for our 8th graders. This sign up is a comprehensive list that includes volunteer opportunities and items for donation. If you are interested in helping on any of the committees, please mark your interest on the sign up genius. For your planning:

8th Grade Picnic – Wednesday, June 7th

8th Grade Graduation - Thursday, June 8th at 8:30am

    • Parking is only available in our parking lot and the bus parking lot.  It is prohibited to park across the street at the storage facility and the local businesses.  Those local businesses may issue citations or towing for violations.
    • Please know there will be limited amount of seats and parking for this event.  I am asking for you to be cognizant with our facility and parking limitations.  Please limit your guests to this event.  Thank you for your consideration. 
    • Space will be limited in the gymnasium for the ceremony.  We will be having an overflow location in the auditorium where we will livestream the event.  Once the gym is filled to capacity according to fire code regulations, parents will be escorted to the auditorium.  We are hoping this solution will be effective for our guests and are excited about trying this option for the first time.

    Thank you for helping make this celebration a memorable send off as this class departs DDMS.

8th Grade Signup Link

7th Grade Parents

7th Grade Parents: To help with our last day of school activities, we would appreciate donations of bottled water.  We plan to spend the morning of June 9, outside playing a variety of games/activities. You may bring the water to the front office. We also plan to have Kona Ice on campus.  Students are encouraged to bring money to purchase Kona Ice. The cost ranges from $3.00 - $6.00.  Any donation water bottle would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and we look forward to a successful end to our school year!

Volunteer Opportunities

The DDMS PTA is looking for parents to become involved through the many PTA opportunities available for the 2017-18 school year. Please look over the list of committees and check the areas you are interested in. This does not obligate you, we will simply email you when opportunities come up that match your interest. The future of the activities we can offer next year depends on our talented parents to come forward and volunteer. 

2017-18 Volunteer Opportunities Signup Link

Slate of PTA Officers

for 2017-18

The nominating committee would like to put forth the following slate of PTA Officers

1st VP – Deena Pagliaro

Treasurer – Vivian Florez

Secretary – Jessica Schubert


End of the Year Survey

The DDMS PTA would like to hear from staff, students and parents about what they would like to see the PTA focus their budget on for the 2017-18 school year. 

Budget Survey Link

13 Reasons Why

There has been recent media buzz surrounding the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and whether the sensitive content of this show is appropriate for students.  While we have not had any immediate concerns or situations surrounding the show, Mr. Williams felt it was important to share this information with you.  The DDMS website features a WCPSS letter about the show and guiding resources on how to talk with you child about suicide or depression: Parent Alert: Netflix Series.  At Davis Drive Middle, we will continue to provide meaningful parent workshops surrounding these topics as we have done this year.

Powerschools &


We are excited to announce that student transportation information can now be found within your child’s Powerschools account.  You can access your child’s route description, bus stop location, and more in Powerschools.  

Here is a great WCPSS resource on this new feature:

WCPSS Homebase Transportation Video

With the weather rapidly changing to beautiful spring weather, please remember that students should wear appropriate clothing for school.  Expectations are outlined in the DDMS Student Agenda.  Some highlights include:

  • No tight or short clothing is allowed (i.e. tight and/or short skirts, shorts should be visible, etc)
  • All undergarments (bras, underwear, boxers, etc) must be completely covered
  • No mid-riff tops, spaghetti straps, strapless shirts, halter tops, transparent blouses, etc.  

Please take a moment in the mornings to ensure your children are dressed appropriately.  Thanks for your support in this.


 If you shop at Amazon.com, please consider making your purchases through Amazonsmile.com and Davis Drive Middle School PTA will receive donations of .5% of eligible purchases.  Click the logo above, click the link on the home page of the DDMS PTA page, or go to https://smile.amazon.com.  Thanks for supporting our school!  

  New Messenger System

This week we begin the new school communication system.  You will now be receiving Mr. Williams' weekly parent message through email and/or text message.  He will only be utilizing a voicemail message in emergency or critical situation.  If you are having any problems accessing these email/texts messages, please let the front office know.  All messages are also posted on our school website under the “Principal’s Message” icon in the middle of the page.  Important messages that may need immediate attention will also be posted on the website under “Panther News.”  Thank you for your patience as we transition to this new communication format.

Please remember to follow carpool procedures and guidelines to ensure smooth morning drop-offs:

1) Please remember that students should not be picked-up or dropped-off on Davis Drive road.  Officer Cherry and I have had recent conversations with parents and students about this legal violation.  This is a major safety concern. Additionally, do not pick-up or drop-off on the side of the building (unless you have a medical concern and have clearance from Mr. Williams).  All parents should be using the carpool loop.

2) In the mornings, please be sure you are turning right on Davis Drive road toward Park Village.  Many parents are attempting to left through commute traffic and are significantly delaying our morning carpool procedures.  The morning right turn is extremely important to ensure we have an efficient morning carpool and students are in class on-time.

Thanks so much for your attention with this!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of the Backpack Buddies Program.  We are specifically in need of

  • individual cereal bowls
  • individual mac & cheese
  • noodle cups
  • cans or cups of soup
  • cans or cups of pasta
  • individual applesauce

If you would like to give, please drop these items off in the bins in front of the Front Office.  

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